Face Touch Monitor

See how often you touch your face and learn to stop!

In addition to washing your hands often, the CDC recommends that you avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. This can be hard to do without a reminder.

This page uses your webcam and computer vision to count when you touch your face. Set beep alerts or get a browser notification when you do. The reminders can you train yourself to stop accidental face touching. Just keep this page running in the background as you use your computer.

Machine learning on your image is done 100% locally in your browser. No information is shared externally.

Usage notes

This is a quick hack that we'll improve. Keep this tab in the foreground for the best performance. It has no depth perception, so a hand in front of your face will set it off. This works best on Chrome and has been tested in the new Edge and Firefox. I haven't been able to make it work with Safari yet. It usually does not detect as well if you are very close to the camera. It will not work well on slower devices or mobile.


Status: Click to the left to activate your webcam.


Trade off speed for accuracy:

Brought to you by webrtcHacks. Powered by tensorflow.js.
See the full source code on github. Read the post about how it works.